Blue by ADT Reviews & Product Details

admin, July 13, 2021

According to Blue by ADT Reviews, This is a DIY smart security system for your smartphone. The kit includes a hub, two door/window sensors, and one motion detector. You can easily opt into your preferences in no time.

Blue by ADT is one of the largest home security companies for residential and commercial premises. It was built with the finest wireless DIY security solutions like LifeShield. Blue by ADT offers a self-monitoring feature without charging any other fee and receives mobile alerts and recorded videos. Users will get 24/7 free video recording on Blue by ADT and keep a sharp eye on your premises.

As per Blue by ADT Reviews, it performed very well for individuals in providing smart home security solutions. Blue by ADT uses DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) wireless technology to provide a secured surrounding to all scales of premises. Even Blue by ADT featured with Crime Watch Map that notifies users about recently recorded crimes in nearby locations. For more detailed information, you can check out Blue by ADT Reviews.
  • Smartphone driven
  • Powerful and Features Packed
  • Customization
  • 1 Year Warranty Only
Blue by ADT Home Security System is perfect for someone who wants full camera coverage, self-installation and wireless home automation. They are not that good for people who want to use outdoor weatherproof cameras.


By Julie 



September 11, 2021

Blue is more than just a security system, it’s also a home automation solution.

By Kelly I. 


Kelly I.

September 8, 2021

Blue by ADT is designed to work in conjunction with other devices and services. This means you can use Blue to control other smart home devices like thermostats, lights, locks, garage doors, and more. You can also use the Blue app on your phone or tablet to control and monitor Blue directly.

By Edward 



September 6, 2021

Blue is a self-installed system, which means you save money on installation.

By Bella 



September 4, 2021

Most DIY systems require professional installation, but not the Blue by ADT system. Simply download the free app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store, plug in your Base Station to your router, connect the wires, and you’re ready to go. It’s as easy as a can of paint!

By Ray Nimbus 


Ray Nimbus

September 2, 2021

The equipment package is designed specifically for new construction or a retrofit.

By Mary Davis 


Mary Davis

September 1, 2021

This system is perfect for those who want self-installation and full control from their smartphone.

By Nathan Davis 


Nathan Davis

August 28, 2021

Blue by ADT Home Security System has a customizable experience, which makes it easy to add new devices at any time.

By Larry Winters 


Larry Winters

August 25, 2021

I bought Blue by ADT in order to monitor my home while I’m at work or on vacation.