Google Calendar Reviews & Product Details

admin, June 25, 2021

Google Calendars help families to manage events and tasks by creating shared calendars that can be accessed through mobile apps. It allows users to create events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or even movie timings. Google Calendar also features reminders for upcoming events and the ability to send invitations via email or texts to other family members or friends. Each calendar created in Google is synced and can be accessed through apps on mobile devices.

Google Calendar is one of the widely used applications of Google. As per Google Calendar Reviews, the majority of users find it easy to use, free & smooth availability on every platform. To access the Google Calendar, all you need an email address for simple procedures.

Google Calendar Reviews filled with its color-coding feature because of its best utilization for users. Families can easily categorize varied tasks, events & activities to make it easier for each person to filter their view that matters to them. By adjusting permissions enable you to track who sees what and who made changes or add events. Additionally, Google Calendar's shared calendar functionality proves best-suited for frantic families occupied in hectic schedules. For more assurance, you can check out Google Calendar Reviews.
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android
  • Can be used on multiple devices and platforms
  • Limited Customization for Events and Tasks
  • Overwhelming Features
Google Calendar Reviews state that it is a good solution that allows families to easily add events, tasks, or shared calendars through mobile devices. The solution works well for families that need to create events and reminders without much customization or if they want a calendar to share with friends. While the Google Calendar is easy to use, it lacks reminder capability and allows limited customization for events and tasks. Families can also share calendars with other members, but they cannot create shared calendars from within the app.


By Francis Barnes
Francis Barnes

October 07, 2021

Google Calendar came inbuilt in my Android device and after enabling sync with my local contacts and Gmail contacts, it notifies me of any upcoming event like birthday, bill due date, and so much more. Love it.

By Jovan T
Jovan T.

September 21, 2021

I used Google Calendar to share my wife’s and my work schedules with each other. It was easy to use and helped us avoid scheduling conflicts.

By Giovanni N
Giovanni N.

September 18, 2021

Google Calendar helped me keep track of an event I planned for our school class reunion. We could create and save events easily and send invites via emails or texts.

By Joe J
Joe J.

September 13, 2021

The interface of Google Calendar is very simple and user friendly. It’s easy to use and lets me keep track of a shared calendar with my wife.

By Olivia Morris
Olivia Morris

September 10, 2021

No need to rely on someone else’s schedule or organize family activities any longer.

By Logan Anderson
Logan Anderson

September 08, 2021

Google Calendar is easy to use and one of the best calendar apps out there.

By Albert Riggs
Albert Riggs

September 04, 2021

It has been perfect for keeping our family organized.

By Gina Baker
Gina Baker

August 18, 2021

A great way to keep all your family’s schedules in one place.

By Scott Harper
Scott Harper

August 08, 2021

Google has been helping me keep my family’s schedule under control.