Poka.io Reviews & Product Details

admin, July 14, 2021

Built for manufacturers, Poka.io simplifies the way people learn about and execute best practices by making it easy to create new training content and collect knowledge from everyone. Poka.io's platform helps train employees in the most efficient way possible while also ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Simply said, Poka.io is a well-renowned mobile & web application that offers a robust power of capture, gain & share integral information amongst workers. As a result, Poka.io ensures improved productivity & work efficiency of businesses.

As per Poka.io Reviews, it impressed the majority of users with its standardized multimedia knowledge base procedure that simplifies the training tasks for businesses & workers. Moreover, Poka.io can also decrease production downtime and even enhance quality or safety facilities amongst businesses and departments. You will find tons of Poka.io Reviews mentioning the software right-fit, especially for factory & manufacturer workers. Poka.io is designed by considering the needs of the factory workers in mind & strives to meet their requirements in the best possible manner. To know more about Poka.io, check out Poka.io Reviews.
  • Trusted by Bosch and Mars
  • Safe and Secure
  • Combines Communication and Digital Content
  • Complex interface
  • Slightly on the Slower Side
  • Poka.io reviews state that it has an average system of automating digital content
  • No Great Automation Tools
This tool is great for businesses in need of an easy to use, secure platform for creating and distributing their procedures. Poka.io is a good solution for creating and distributing procedures, especially if those procedures need to be shown in an easy to follow step by step manner.


By Joseph Plunkett 


Joseph Plunkett

October 11, 2021

In Workfront, I like how you can clearly see what projects have been assigned to you and their deadlines. The work instruction software makes it easy to tag others on projects enabling them to work together. It helps me to assign tasks, receive feedbacks, and whatnot.

By James Eddie 


James Eddie

September 21, 2021

We’ve found Poka.io to be easy to use and very flexible, which is important in the manufacturing industry with its many processes that need to work correctly together

By Harry Leo 


Harry Leo

September 18, 2021

Looking forward to receive my free trial so I can test it out! And thanks for the suggestion!

By Henry Ivan 


Henry Ivan

September 09, 2021

If you’re looking for a tool to help your company grow and deliver knowledge across the organization, Poka.io is excellent choice for the job!