Samsung Smartthings Hub Reviews & Product Details

admin, July 14, 2021

Samsung Smartthings Hub reviews listed down here offer high-quality features and products for home automation services. It provides integration with different smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and so much more to give you remote control of all the appliances at your home. Samsung is one of the most trusted smart home brands in the world. By providing a rich marketplace of apps and services, it offers users more ways to connect and control their homes from anywhere.

SmartThings is an open system that allows you to add many different devices for Smart Home Solutions. And if you have a lot of expensive smart products at your place, Samsung Smartthings Hub is a very good option for you. It has many features and services that may cost you a little more, but its ease of use will make it worth your money.
  • High Performance
  • Excellent user tips and advice
  • Wireless integrations
  • Multipurpose sensors
  • Ability to access various appliances
  • Live Video Lags
  • Some items are incompatible
  • Loading problems with virtual devices
  • Tutorials and Community supports not up to the mark
  • Complicated Plugin
Samsung Smartthings Hub helps your home become ‘smart home’ with its easy to use features. Not all smart devices are compatible with Samsung’s Smartthings Hub which can be a downside to the software. It is the best pick for Samsung product users.


By Joe Minnie
Joe Minnie

April 07, 2024

From my washing machine to my Samsung air conditioner, I can control all the devices centrally from a strongly built platform. It can connect with Internet, and gives me great freedom and flexibility to use the installed devices.

By Samuel Walter
Samuel Walter

March 03, 2024

Samsung Smartthings Hub supports wrireless integrations with a number of 3d party applications, which is a great pro of using this software. This has helped me secure my house and protect my famiy even when I am away for days.

By Idris Wellman
Idris Wellman

February 17, 2024

Samsung SmartThings Hub is designed by keeping in mind user’s accessibility and convenience. The hub is very thin, round in shape, and is very light to carry. Although it is placed a little above than other smart home solutions, it is worth the cost as it facilitates unmatched luxury and access to all the networked appliances at my home.

By Jere Evans
Jere Evans

January 01, 2024

It has been very helpful and practical for automating my home activities like playing my favorite songs on voice command, turning on and off electric devices, ensuring door locks and security of my home. It has made it easy for syncing all my smart devices under one unified platform.

By Hudson Scott
Hudson Scott

December 13, 2023

I purchased Samsung Smartthings Hub along with several Smartthings devices. I love its integrations with my devices and the speed with it works. Whenever I face any trouble while using the devices, the customer support staff is very helpful as well.

By Jefferey Arnold
Jefferey Arnold

November 20, 2023

I am using Samsung Smartthings Hub for over 2 years and my experience with it has been terrific. Undoubtedly, it is the top Home Automation tool.

By John Seaman
John Seaman

October 18, 2023

The initial tutorials could be better.