XTrack GPS Platform Reviews & Product Details

admin, August 6, 2021

XTrack GPS is a complete asset tracking and management solution for companies that need real-time tracking items. You can use XTrack GPS to find the location of your assets, which has been built with a reporting system that is integrated into existing business systems. These XTrack GPS reviews reveal why this software is such a powerful tool for any company or individual looking to keep track of their assets from anywhere.

XTrack GPS allows you to choose where you would like the software installed: on-premises, in the cloud, or both. It also has a setup wizard that will guide you through setting up and configuring your system.
  • Highly accurate and reliable at tracking sales and stock levels
  • Allows you to monitor your vehicles from any location – no need for employees to report back first
  • Easy to set up and get started with
  • Works best with trucks, big rigs, and other types of commercial vehicles (although you can track other things as well)
XTrack is a good option for companies that want to be able to monitor their vehicles’ progress. The software comes with a variety of different reports and tracking features, which makes it easy to keep up with your company’s inventory and sales levels. It also has a business intelligence feature that can be used to analyze shipments, deliveries, and even employee hours. All in all, it’s a great investment for any type of business!


By Kether Dunham
Kether Dunham

April 12, 2024

XTrack GPS Platform is a powerful platform that allows me to track the movement of products, vehicles, etc. I live in a joint family set up, and with this platform I can easily track movement of my family member and their whereabouts.

By Trent Bond
Trent Bond

March 01, 2024

I can track the live location of all my remote assets and machines, and ensure that everything is going as per the planned outline. It also helps me ensure the safety and performance of the assets. The customer support team also addresses our queries pretty professionally.

By Tina Compte
Tina Compte

February 01, 2024

XTrack GPS Platform is a very intuitive home appliance software. The small size of the GPS tracker allows you to carry it in a carry bag or a vehicle with no one noticing. Xtrack tracker comes with an extended Li-Polymer rechargeable battery which can last up to two weeks.

By Violet Marks
Violet Marks

January 19, 2024

I love that I can view my company’s progress from any location, and it saves me a lot of time because I don’t have to wait for reports or paperwork. Thanks to these wonderful XTrack GPS reviews.

By Angela Kent
Angela Kent

December 17, 2023

I was hoping that XTrack would be able to help me track the movements of our employees, so having access to their GPS locations is a definite plus. It’s certainly helped with being able to maintain a high level of productivity and efficiency among our workforce.

By Jane Willis
Jane Willis

November 11, 2023

I’m really glad I chose XTrack GPS Platform – it works well, and has enough features that we’re happy using it.