Energy Elephant Reviews & Product Details

admin, August 2, 2021

Energy Elephant is award-winning software that provides complete building automation solutions for commercial business owners, households, and facility managers. The software lets you track energy consumption, manage your building equipment and automate your HVAC system.

From account creation to adding energy data, the Energy Elephant system was fast and straightforward to use. It helps identify penalty charges of over £24,000, which are generally not placed before due to poor bill management internally.

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  • Easy to use interface allows users with little or no experience in building management to start using the software quickly
  • Cloud-based platform makes it easy to manage your data from anywhere.
  • ISO 50001 Compatible
  • Limited features and functionalities.
  • It’s not designed for small businesses that want a full-featured software but this is the case with most of the free energy tracking tools available nowadays.
As per the Energy Elephant reviews, it is created with the facility manager in mind, it enables you to manage your building from a single location and provides information on the performance of each system.


By Robert Richardson 

Robert Richardson

April 15, 2024

If you are serious about energy efficiency, you need this software. Energy Elephant has been my trusted energy efficiency partner since 2021. It simplifies energy management, making it effortless.

By Jameson Ward 

Jameson Ward

March 10, 2024

Energy Elephant has been by my side for years, simplifying energy management like no other. It’s an inseparable part of my daily routine. Tracking energy consumption, managing building equipment, and automating HVAC systems have all become effortless tasks.

By Jesse Miller 

Jesse Miller

February 20, 2024

Apart from a few glitches and setbacks, Energy Elephant is a brilliant platform. We upload our energy bills on the platform, and we can ascertain the amount of energy we can save. The analytic reports are also great.

By Ken Anderson 

Ken Anderson

January 29, 2024

Right since I installed Energy Elephant’s energy efficiency software on my device, I seem to love it. It is very effective in saving costs and expenses, and helps me spend less on energy. It gives me valuable insights on which energy consuming devices can be eliminated and where can I preserve energy.

By David 


December 7, 2023

Energy Elephant helped me to manage my electrical devices, I like how easy it was to set up and use.

By Tony Marsh 

Tony Marsh

November 5, 2023

This Energy Elephant reviews provide real and genuine facts about Energy Elephant energy efficiency software.

By John 


October 3, 2023

The software allows tracking energy consumption in real-time, creating reports and helps you make decisions based on collected data.

By Amanda 


September 2, 2023

Energy Elephant helped me with my decision making whether to upgrade or replace equipment, I am now able to forecast our energy consumption and plan accordingly.