EnergyCAP Reviews & Product Details

admin, August 2, 2021

EnergyCAP is an all-in-one energy tracking solution that gives you the power to capture and analyze building energy data. EnergyCAP software is best suited for professionals and energy-serving companies with experience in energy management. EnergyCAP is a utility bill & energy management solution proven to streamline workflow, enable comprehensive analysis, and deliver long-term energy management success.

Overall EnergyCAP reviews state that the software platform has been very positive and helpful to the users. Users can collect the necessary utility consumption and cost data without any hassle. It is easy to analyze the data on EnergyCAP and print reports detailing usage by month or season at your convenience.

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  • User feedback and EnergyCAP reviews sound very promising.
  • Cloud based platform makes it easy to share information with other users of EnergyCAP.
  • Allows user customization, once the software has been customized according to your needs you can re-use that data for other buildings.
  • Easy to use, even if this is considered a professional software you don’t need any special training to start using it.
  • Another expensive and feature rich option
  • Limited in case of features for small businesses owners.
EnergyCAP reviews boast of an easy-to-use interface and a platform that allows users to track energy data from any location. The EnergyCAP tool is one of the best energy management software options available today if you have a budget.


By Jane 



September 19, 2021

I am very happy with EnergyCAP, they offer more useful features than other similar solutions I tried before, I really recommend this software

By Gabrialla 



September 15, 2021

User feedback and EnergyCAP reviews sound very promising.

By Lilly 



September 12, 2021

Energy CAP is a great tool for tracking our energy consumption and for managing our electricity bills.

By Eric 



September 10, 2021

This solution is really easy to use and it allows me to monitor the building’s performance in real time.