EnergyIP Reviews & Product Details

admin, August 2, 2021

EnergyIP is a web-based software that allows you to manage your building's energy consumption and forecast future expenses. It is a powerful tool for small business owners who want to reduce their power costs but don't have enough experience managing electricity data.

EnergyIP applications can process data in near real-time from millions of distributed grid assets and intelligent devices, powering new approaches for grid optimization, distributed energy resource management, energy market participation, and real-time customer interaction.

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  • Easy cloud based solution, once the software has been set up all the energy data can be monitored from any location.
  • Automatically gathers real-time energy usage data and displays it on graphs in the system dashboard, allowing users to make decisions based on collected data.
  • Budgeting feature makes it easy for business owners to forecast their future expenses or implement cost saving measures by finding out what equipment needs replacement.
  • Several EnergyIP reviews and users complain about its high charges.
  • Limited features and functionalities, the software doesn’t offer enough options for building managers with experience in energy management.
  • Several EnergyIP reviews and users complain about its high charges.
According to EnergyIP reviews, it is a convenient tool that helps business owners to manage their power costs, cut down on electricity bills, and keep your facility green and efficient. The budgeting feature makes it easy for small business owners to cut down on energy usage or find what equipment needs replacement.


By Angel Ramos 

Angel Ramos

April 12, 2024

EnergyIP has been my go-to choice since 2019. It simplifies energy management and expense forecasting. Its user-friendly interface lets me easily track and plan for future expenses. It’s an indispensable tool in my daily routine, making energy management simple.

By Jeremiah Howard 

Jeremiah Howard

March 10, 2024

It’s an energy-efficient software that is essential for my daily workflow. Managing energy consumption and forecasting expenses have become effortless, and my confidence has grown stronger.


Morgana Larkin

February 31, 2024

The best part about Energy IP is that, it can process data in near real time from millions of distributed grids and IoT appliances. The customer support team is also quite effective.


Sana Morkel

January 10, 2024

EnergyIP enables utilities, retailers, DSO’s and other crucial market operators to meet the needs and requirements of the energy sector. It helps industries and organizations to control and eliminate unwanted energy consumption which helps them to save money and contribute their bit for the betterment of society.


Julie Tyler

December 25, 2023

I like EnergyIP’s performance and usability, but I think the servicing part of the tool needs immediate upgradation. Servicing part kept aside, I have saved money by cutting useless working of appliances and devices. Its ease of accessibility, scalability, and integration is also promising.


Jonathan Brandt

November 08, 2023

EnergyIP is kind of high maintenance, but definitely worth it. It helps me to save on electricity bills and contribute my bit in preserving the environment. It is a good tool for small to medium households and businesses.



October 18, 2023

I am happy with EnergyIP, it helped me to create a baseline of my future expenses so that I can plan for it.

By Fernando 


September 16, 2023

The software helps improve our facility’s energy efficiency while making sure that we don’t miss out on any potential cost savings.