RETScreen Reviews & Product Details

admin, August 2, 2021

RETScreen is a powerful energy efficiency software that offers high performance results. The software allows you to evaluate the impact of all kinds of building systems on energy consumption and cost. It also helps you assess the potential savings from various retro-commissioning measures to improve your building's effectiveness.

RETScreen empowers households, businesses, professionals, and decision-makers to rapidly identify, assess, monitor and control the technical and financial aspects of potential energy efficiency projects. This helps households and businesses to save costs by cutting Energy Expenditure costs.

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  • Easy to install and use without any technical support or requirement
  • Reports are very effective and detailed in analyzing energy consumption and savings
  • Easy to use interface provides all the required data with clear visualizations
  • The software is a bit complex to use
Using RETScreen, you can easily find the potential savings for your buildings retro-commissioning measures. The software also helps you assess the performance of your building systems using tailored scoring calculations to maximize return on investment.


By Robert Gorton 


Robert Gorton

September 30, 2021

The simplicity with which I use RETScreen within excel is quite commendable. The Energy Efficiency software helps me to prepare energy consumption reports that enables me to make an informed decision on where can I save on energy expenditures.

By Robert Smith 


Robert Smith

September 12, 2021

RETScreen is a great tool that enables me to analyze my energy consumption and find out possible savings.

By Peter Grill 


Peter Grill

September 8, 2021

RETScreen Reviews are mostly positive.

By Joyce 



September 6, 2021

I wish we had RETScreen when we first started our business because it could’ve helped us save a lot of money on energy bills.

By Ava Bester 


Ava Bester

September 4, 2021

RETScreen reviews lack its pricing policy. Otherwise, it has almost all other needed details.

By Tanner 



September 1, 2021

RETScreen is an effective energy auditing tool that helps me find more opportunities to save money for my building’s retro-commissioning measures.