vDesk.works Reviews & Product Details

admin, August 2, 2021

vDesk.works offers intuitive Remote Desktop solutions for all sizes of industry organizations, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. If you look at it, vDesk.works helps you to save on energy consumption and expenditure. The software enables users to set up remote desktops, accessible from any device, anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for expensive hardware on-site and energy-consuming appliances. vDesk.works reviews state that it enables households to save costs and energy by eliminating multiple local desktops. It also allows administrators to automate complex and repetitive tasks with PowerShell cmdlets.

vDesk.works offers advanced security to its users by preventing unauthorized access, enforcing client policies, secure cloud-hosted server farms, and so much more. Users can access desktops through a secure gateway that enables businesses to bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) environments. With vDesk.works reports can be exported daily, weekly, or monthly at your convenience. Read detailed vDesk.works reviews below.
  • The features are very easy to use and install that even novice users could do it themselves with no external help
  • Offers a simple way of managing the remote desktop across multiple locations and devices
  • Easy to use interface provides efficient remote desktop solutions
  • The dashboard could’ve been better and easier
According to vDesk.works reviews, if you are looking to improve energy efficiency for your household, invest in vDesk.works. It is simple to use and at the same time offers efficient solutions to manage your remote desktops. In modern work from home, operations help you save energy from work office systems.


By Alex Porter 

Alex Porter

June 17, 2024

As a developer, I need a reliable and secure environment to work. vDesk.works provides me with a virtual desktop that meets all my needs. I can easily switch between different development environments without worrying about compatibility issues. The energy savings are just an added benefit.

By Kingston 


June 12, 2024

Collaboration is key for our team, and vDesk.works makes it easy. We can all access the same files and applications from any device, regardless of location. Plus, the centralized management saves our IT department a lot of time and headaches. vDesk.works is a win-win for productivity and energy efficiency.

By Harry Walsh 

Harry Walsh

June 03, 2024

Our architectural firm deals with large design files, so we need powerful workstations. vDesk.works provides us with the virtual desktop performance we need, without the heat and noise of traditional PCs. The energy savings are a bonus, and it helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

By ashton kutcher 

ashton kutcher

May 28, 2024

vDesk.works has been a lifesaver for our school. With VDI, we can provide students with secure access to learning apps from any classroom computer. It’s much more energy-efficient than having individual desktops in every room, and it allows us to easily update software across the entire network.

By James Garcia 

James Garcia

May 20, 2024

As a freelancer, I needed a powerful and efficient workspace. vDesk.works provides me with a virtual desktop that has all the software I need, without the hefty price tag of a new computer. Plus, I can work from any device, which helps me stay productive on the go. Thanks, SmartBuyOrNot for the recommendation!

By Maxwell 


May 13, 2024

I was skeptical about cloud desktops at first, but vDesk.works DAAS has been impressive. My team has secure, remote access from anywhere, and the performance is fantastic. We’ve seen a significant decrease in our data center’s energy consumption – big win for the environment and the budget!

By Everett Hughes 

Everett Hughes

May 06, 2024

I never realized how much energy our old desktops were using! vDesk.works with VDI has been a huge help. Thanks to a review on SmartBuyOrNot, I found them and cut our office energy bill by 20%. Plus, it’s so much easier to manage everyone’s access

By Leonardo Bennet 

Leonardo Bennet

April 29, 2024

I was looking for a reliable energy efficiency solution when I found vdesk.works through SmartBuyOrNot. It has exceeded my expectations in every way. The software is robust, customizable, and has empowered us to make data-driven decisions that have had a positive impact on our bottom line. Thank you for such a great product!

By Hunter Morgan 

Hunter Morgan

April 22, 2024

After struggling to find the right energy efficiency software, I came across vdesk.works on SmartBuyOrNot. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to try it out. Not only has it helped us reduce our energy bills, but it has also streamlined our energy management processes. Highly recommended for businesses looking to go green!

By Parker Patel 

Parker Patel

April 15, 2024

I was skeptical at first, but after reading positive reviews on SmartBuyOrNot, I decided to give vdesk.works a try. I’m impressed by how easy it is to use and how much insight it provides into our energy usage. Our company is now more energy-efficient, all thanks to this amazing software!

By Mateo Martin 

Mateo Martin

April 08, 2024

Thanks to SmartBuyOrNot, I found vdesk.works and it’s been a game-changer for our business. The software is intuitive, user-friendly, and has helped us identify areas where we can improve our energy efficiency, ultimately leading to significant cost savings.

By Aaron Morales 

Aaron Morales

April 01, 2024

I stumbled upon vdesk.works while researching energy efficiency software on SmartBuyOrNot, and I’m so glad I did! This software has revolutionized how we manage our energy consumption, saving us both money and reducing our environmental footprint. Highly recommended!

By Noah Johnson 

Noah Johnson

March 27, 2024

To keep everything running smoothly, we were grappling with the need for expensive hardware on-site, but this intuitive remote desktop solution by vDesk.works has revolutionized the way we work by allowing us to set up remote desktops accessible from any device, anywhere in the world. No more costly hardware purchases and no more skyrocketing energy bills. Overall, it is recommended!

By Samuel Harris 

Samuel Harris

March 20, 2024

I must say vDesk.works’s ability to automate complex tasks with PowerShell cmdlets truly sets it apart. I was looking for a solution that could streamline our operations, this software’s intuitive interface made setup a breeze, and within minutes, we had remote desktops accessible from any device, anywhere in the world.

By Angel Ramos 

Angel Ramos

February 25, 2024

vDesk.works is my first pick for virtual desktops. It has enabled me to access work from anywhere, eliminating the need for energy-consuming hardware. This software simplifies remote desktop setup and contributes to energy and cost savings.

By Roman Kim 

Roman Kim

January 10, 2024

For years, vDesk.works has been an essential part of life. It simplifies setting up remote desktops and significantly reduces energy consumption. Its a reliable energy-saving partner in my daily work routine, making tasks easier and more environmentally friendly.

By Gorge Copland 

Gorge Copland

December 21, 2023

Our company started using vDesk.works in the starting of 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic was spreading. A lot of remote employees were given access to remote applications and desktops via vDesk.works. And since employees were effectively working from home, we could save a huge amount of costs that were usually spent on energy.

By Connor McGrath 

Connor McGrath

November 11, 2023

Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, we have deployed vDesk.works into our server to facilitate smooth work from home for all our employees. This has also led to efficiency of energy as all the employees work from home and we no more spend money on electricity bills, rent, etc.

By Mike Reed 

Mike Reed

October 07, 2023

The remote desktop solution from vDesk.works is the cornerstone of current building energy management efficiency. This intelligent, world-class technology system connects your commercial HVAC, lighting, security, and protection systems to the cloud, allowing them to communicate on a single platform and deliver the information you require. It further enables you to make smarter, more informed decisions while improving the comfort, safety, and productivity of your occupants.

By Jay Burns 

Jay Burns

September 26, 2023

vDesk.works allows me to facilitate convenient remote work because of which I no longer spend my resources on office equipment, hardware, electricity costs, and so much more. It is truly a perfect energy efficiency software for me and my firm.

By Bunny Suarez 

Bunny Suarez

August 18, 2023

vDesk.works has enabled me to allow employees to work remotely, which has enabled me to cut energy consumption by a huge margin. Due to employees working from home, I am not even paying a quarter of electricity and other energy costs than before. I am pretty impressed with vDesk.works’ performance so far!

By George L 

George L

July 14, 2023

vdesk has helped my office in reducing the amount of electricity we use per month.

By James 


June 10, 2023

I was using vDesk.Works for some time and I think it is a great way to manage different remote desktops across multiple locations.

By Anthony 


May 8, 2023

I am using vDesk.Works in my company and it has helped me a lot to manage remote desktops across different locations