What is Work Instruction Software? What are the Top Benefits of Using It?

Michael Joseph, September 15, 2021

Previously, work instructions were prepared on a computer using spreadsheet software and then printed out for our operators to use. Because a variety of issues with using a paper-based system of work instructions in a manufacturing environment have been uncovered, the need for software to create and display electronic work instructions has increased in recent years.

It’s only a matter of time, since electronic work instructions simply provide too many advantages over their paper counterparts, as we constantly hearing that digitization is inevitable and that the reign of paper will soon come to an end.

We’ll go over some of the benefits of switching digital and adopting dedicated work instruction software in this article.

Up-To-Date At All Times

One of the main reasons why corporations prefer electronic work instructions is that they are always up to date, which means that factory workers are always using the most up to the current version of the instructions. When revising work instructions, this saves time because you don’t have to gather and dispose of all previous versions. It also eliminates the chance of an old version being missed or photocopied when using paper-based job instructions.

Structured & Smooth Workflows

Using specialized software for job instructions might expand your communication options and make them more visual. You will be able to explain your needs more clearly and simply as a result of this.

Your operators are the ones who have to follow the work instructions, thus they’re a wonderful resource for improving the quality and usability of your instructions. Moreover, it offers some features that help improve feedback and discussion with the team.

Flexible Editing & Training

Paper work instructions are convenient to carry around, but when something needs to be changed, it’s usually only possible to do on a desktop computer. Work instruction software comes in helpful in this situation because it is designed to allow you to write, amend, and view work instructions while on the road. This means you may use a tablet to walk through the procedure and develop instructions on the fly, complete with photographs and videos.

Error Reduction

For many years, paper-based job instructions have been the standard. Version control is also more prone to errors with paper-based job instructions. This can result in the creation of defective items, as well as the possibility of non-conformity in an audit. When you use electronic work instruction software, you can ensure that your operators are constantly using the most recent version, which eliminates errors.

In Conclusion

It appears that transitioning to digital work instructions will be tough. Digitizing your company’s intelligence, management, and training takes time. When it comes to visual digital work instructions, you’re in luck because there’s plenty of reputable software to choose from. We’ve compiled a selection of the best work instruction software for you to choose from.